A tax system that carries consequences: French to leave the country

Gérard Depardieu (2010) photo by Georges Biard / wikimedia *

Gérard Depardieu (2010) photo by Georges Biard / wikimedia *

Depardieu a role model: Belgium welcomes other French tax exiles

December 18, 2012

The Belgian Foreign Minister has given carte blanche to anyone planning to follow in Gerard Depardieu’s footsteps and move to Belgium in an attempt to escape higher French taxes. Continue reading

Transgenic grains: Incentive measures for banning GMOs in all of Europe?

GMO cultivation 1996-2009 (millions of hectares; source: ISAAA) by Fafner / Wikimedia *

The debate about the possible harmful effects of GM foods came roaring back after a French scientific research linked the appearance of cancerous tumors in rats consuming GM corn.

The study caused an uproar and the French Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, came to announce incentive measures for banning GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in all of Europe, if it confirms the result of the harmfulness of the product.” Amanda Lawrence (emphasis added)

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French scientists: Monsanto GM corn caused tumors in rats

Cultivation of gm corn in the EU – Anbau von Gv-Mais in der EU by Fafner / Wikimedia *

Revealed: Monsanto GM corn caused tumors in rats
20 September, 2012

RT – French scientists have revealed that rats fed on GM corn sold by American firm Monsanto, suffered tumors and other complications including kidney and liver damage. Continue reading