Tarpley and Chossudowsky on Syria: NATO doesn’t want a peaceful solution

NATO after regime change in Syria: Webster Griffin Tarpley

“NATO doesn’t want a peaceful solution of the internal problems of Syria. They want the ISSUE. They want the issue kept alive. They want continuing violence, continuing civil war so they can use it eventually, if the conditions obtained, for an aggression, for a coalition of the willing, an armed attack, a no-fly zone, followed by regime change.”

“Now over the weekend, we’ve entered a roam of absolute delirium where Hillary Clinton says: “Time is running out for Syria to avoid, and I quote, “a catastrophic assault” which would threaten to destroy the Syrian State.”  Webster Griffin Tarpley, in Washington (1)

“I think we should understand that that war has already started. The rebels are the foot soldiers of the NATO military alliance. They are being armed explicitly under the instructions of the United States and its allies,” Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization, Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, in Montreal (2)

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RT: Washington and Moscow clash over Syria

“US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton caused an uproar after she accused Russia of sending attack helicopters to Syria. Russian officials have stated they are in compliance with international law and denied Clinton’s accusations stating from their side that it’s Washington who arms Syrian opposition forces escalating bloodshed in Syria. Lucy Kafanov brings us more on the issue.”  RT

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WOW? Gadaffi’s death media show: Roman Circuses Without Bread

Pollice verso de Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824–1904) / Wikimedia Commons *

“All this killing brings triumphalist
politicians smirking on our screens.
We seem to have become
as dehumanised as ancient Rome.
Little human pity is expressed
for the way Gadaffi was killed

Craig Murray
Former Ambassador,
Human Rights Activist
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