On America’s “deep government”

Image by by Master isolated images / freedigitalphotos.net *

Image by Master isolated images / freedigitalphotos.net *

“America’s ‘deep government’ runs the government and America. The deep government consists of government bureaucracies (agencies, departments, offices, etc.), lobbyists, campaign contributors, political appointees, influential media figures and companies, academics, university centers and schools, foundations, key corporate figures, etc.” Michael S. Rozeff

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Doug Casey: Sociopaths – are now fully in control of major American institutions

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Doug Casey: ”Now, I believe, it’s out of control. The US is already in a truly major depression and on the edge of financial chaos and a currency meltdown. The sociopaths in government will react by redoubling the pace toward a police state domestically and starting a major war abroad. To me, this is completely predictable. It’s what sociopaths do.”  Continue reading