King World News : Identities of JP Morgan Silver Manipulators Exposed

Salvatore Vuono / *

“The biggest news in a long time because these are actual people who are coming out and naming names of individuals who were involved in this alleged conspiracy with JP Morgan to actively manipulate the price of silver.  People may go to jail over this.  JP Morgan has all barrels pointing at them as traders are named in this suit, including senior traders at JP Morgan.”    KingWorldNews Continue reading

Max Keiser: Chavez’ request for his gold could mean collapse for JP Morgan

JP Morgan Chase Tower, image by Krzykol*

Ever since the news broke out about current President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, who wanted to have 211 tonnes of gold transported back to Caracas, the news have been covering this and wondered how he was going to do that. This amount of gold is worth over US $12 billion. Finance Minister Jorge Giordani said that the weakening US dollar, a near-default by the US government and the European sovereign debt crisis has been threatening Venezuela’s savings and they will be more secure at home.

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, on the Keiser Report, are talking about how Chavez request for his gold could mean collapse for JP Morgan. Continue reading