US: World Democracy Vigilante while at home ‘American Elections are Crooked’

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“I think the Ron Paul campaign gave us a great demonstration of just how crooked it is when we can see what is going on. Now in the general election, for the most part, they set it up so that the public can’t even see what is going on.” Bev Harris

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Audit the Fed: UPDATE with Lew Rockwell

“Ron Paul made the Fed an issue the first time since 1913 when the Thing went into existence. (…) People are right to focus on the Fed: it’s a very dangerous institution (…) The Fed is the foundation of all our economic troubles, here, in Europe, and in – I’m afraid – the coming global depression.
Lew Rockwell

Ron Paul continues fight to audit the Fed Creative Commons Attribution licence (reuse allowed)

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Week’s Best audio Interview: Lew Rockwell and Occupy Government

“We have a growing police state in this country.”
“They’re doing, under the direction of the central government,
exactly what the U.S. all has criticized these other countries for…”

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Lew Rockwell
about banks,
the Fed,
and the resistance

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Lew Rockwell talks to Russia Today

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This week’s Best audio Interview: Napolitano and Rockwell – Resist the Police State

Audio Interview of the Week

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Judge Andrew P. Napolitano talks to Lew Rockwell about American totalitarianism 

Click on the link below to listen:
Resist the Police State
Lew Rockwell interviewing Judge Napolitano

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The Police State Abolishes the Trial

Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

“Today, every single citizen, no matter how free he or she may feel in daily life, is in reality a sitting duck. You can be made to disappear. There is essentially no way you can escape once the feds sweep you into their net. There is no justice.”
“Yet the rise and entrenchment of the American police state are rarely questioned.”

Lew Rockwell

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