Tarpley: Fifteen Insolvent Banks loaded with Toxic Derivatives downgraded by Moody’s

The current world economic depression is a direct consequence of the decision of the United States and other countries in 1999 and 2000 to legalize and deregulate DERIVATIVES.” – Webster Tarpley

Moody’s Downgrades Insolvent World Banks
Zombified by Derivatives Speculation

Webster Tarpley appears on PressTV to discuss Moody’s recent downgrade of several notorious zombie banks. – 2012-06-21

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Max Keiser: “Corrupt banks at the center of this global fraud”

“From a bank crisis to a sovereign debt crisis to a currency crisis”

Max Keiser: “Every bank is bankrupt

The Eurozone debt crisis is getting dangerously close to the monetary union’s powerhouse – Germany. Moody’s has cut the ratings of several German banks, Continue reading

Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price: Saving Greece using Silver

Hugo Salinas Price’s Plan to save Greece using Silver

CNL Editor’s Note:

Watch  the complete excellent 13 minutes interview in the second half of The Keiser Report (from min 12.40) Max Keiser talks to Hugo Salinas Price who appeals to Alexis Tsipras to propose bringing a silver standard to Greece.

Hugo Salinas Price is the founder of Mexico’s Elektra retail chain. Continue reading

Gold and silver legal tender in Utah

Gold and silver legal tender in Utah-On the Edge with Max Keiser-10-07-2011

In this edition of the show Max interviews David Morgan from Silver-Investor.com. He will talk about the new law implemented in the state of Utah making gold and silver legal tender. Continue reading

Max Keiser Honoured in Ireland

Max Keiser in a London Taxi / Wiki Commons *

Honorary Life Membership for Max Keiser from University of Limerick for His Work as a Journalist Exposing Financial Terrorists

The University of Limerick Debating Union is delighted to announce that Max Keiser, host of the Keiser Report on RT, will be receiving a Honorary Life Membership

The University of Limerick Debating Union is delighted to announce that Max Keiser, host of the Keiser Report on RT, will be receiving a Honorary Life Membership of the society, on a date to be confirmed at the start of November. Honorary Life Memberships are awarded to those people who we think have contributed to discourse and debate. We are giving a HLM to Max Keiser for his great work in financial journalism over the last number of years.

Mr. Keiser is an outspoken critic of “financial terrorists” and someone who has commented frequently on the current Irish economic crisis. Continue reading

Mainstream Media Hoax as Trader exposes truth on Economy

“Goldman Sachs Rules the World!” Alessio Rastani

Mainstream media is thrown into a tailspin after an independent trader tells the BBC how the world of big money and politics looks from the inside. Here’s RT’s report from Washington on why this was such an eye opener. RT

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VTdUWk9DLM&feature=channel_video_title

See complete RT Interview of trader Rastani HERE Continue reading