Big turning point and Alternative for Syria: 30 Nations did meet in Tehran

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“I think the big turning point actually occurred yesterday. The Tehran consultative conference on Syria, it seems to me, is a landmark event in our times. 30 countries coming together on the basis, I would say, of national independence and national dignity.(…) I think the US State Department is freaked out because this is a huge defeat for Hillary Clinton. What is Hillary Clinton’s diplomacy worth if 30 countries including about half the world when you get down to it, can come together on a pro-Syrian, pro-independence platform? It seems to me that the imperialists are probably getting desperate. (…) It’s very interesting here in the United States, the media has not a word about this. It’s a complete blackout.” Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley (1)

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Obamagate Media Blackout : What is Fast and Furious Scandal ?

FAST & FURIOUS – Analysis of illegal gun running

“This should be a story
that the mainstream media
is pounding on every single day.
But they aren’t. In fact, they are mostly ignoring it.
However, if the truth starts getting out
and the American people start grasping what really happened
this thing could become absolutely huge.
In fact, this could end up being Obama’s Watergate.

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9/11 Afterthoughts : WTC 7 free fall is quite revealing

NY City September 11, 2001:

Q: How many planes were there?
A: 2
Q: How many buildings came down?
A: 3

Yes : 3 – – Not 2.

TWIN Towers + World Trade Center Bldg. 7  =  3 buildings

Why is the mainstream media so silent about WTC 7 ???

Please, watch these following 4:18 minutes video in silence,
in memory for the victims.

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