Financial Meltdown: History repeating itself – from Yugoslavia, to Argentina, Zimbabwe, and America?

Image by cooldesign / *

Image by cooldesign / *

Doug Casey (1):

  • they’re telling us we’ve been in a recovery for five year
  • people’s standard of living is going down
  • real incomes are falling
  • job opportunities are disappearing
  • 50% of Americans are reliant upon the government for their income

¨More and more, Americans are tired, frustrated, anxious, and worried about the state of their country. They are afraid of an increasingly violent and oppressive federal government, and they are worried about the economic insecurity which still grips the nation.¨ – John W. Whitehead (2)

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Massive New Radiation Releases Possible from Fukushima

Salvatore Vuono / *

“The nuclear disaster is ongoing.”

“At present, I believe that there is a possibility that massive amounts of radioactive materials will be released into the environment again.”
Hiroaki Koide,
nuclear safety expert
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Fukushima Unit 3: Steam-Explosion Theory

Unit 1 vs Unit 3Unlike TEPCO’s theory, a containment explosion necessitates massive nuclear fallout, and if this was recognized as a real risk that did happen, this could allow the public to defend itself and thereby jeopardize the survival of the nuclear-welfare industry.”
Ian Goddard

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