Reid: Respect Indigenous Property Rights

Stikine River: an amazing and sacred river…one of literally dozens of such waterways that run through Tahltan Nation lands… / Source: survivingcanada

Respect Indigenous Property Rights

by Mike Reid
Mises Daily
August 17, 2012

Environmentalists and mining companies are fighting over the fate of the remote Klappan Valley in northern British Columbia. The different sides struggle for government approval of their particular plans, but almost no one fully acknowledges the property rights of the first owners of the valley, the indigenous Tahltan people.

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Jarawa tribe: The state is at its most arrogant when it tries to protect us from ourselves

Andamanese couple by Edward Horace Man (1876) / Wikimedia

Andamanese couple by Edward Horace Man (1876) / Wikimedia Commons *

“(…) there is perhaps no group of people subjected to a more absurd policy of state “protection” than the Jarawa tribe of India. They are confined to a reserve and forbidden to interact with outsiders, ostensibly for their own good.”

“The only guaranteed way to preserve someone else’s lifestyle is to take away his ability to choose.”

“Enjoying a material contentment and a living standard undreamt of by even the wealthiest men of the past, it is easy for upper-class liberals to sneer at “materialism,” and to call for a freeze on all further economic advance. For the mass of the world’s population still living in squalor such a cry for the cessation of growth is truly obscene.” Murray N. Rothbard

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