THE MATTEI AFFAIR: Fifty years ago, Enrico Mattei was killed

Italian MIP Francesco Salerno and Enrico Mattei ENI President and Administrator (1962) / Wikimedia *

Mattei was (…) a fighter for independence and liberation of peoples from colonialism. (…) He was murdered on the eve of a trip to the United States, where he was to meet with President John F. Kennedy, who supported Mattei’s strategy.”

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The Blair Doctrine vs. the Putin Doctrine

Vladimir Putin with Tony Blair / *

“A key plank of the Blair Doctrine for today is that NATO must be able to go to war without consulting national legislatures, because there is “no time” to get their permission.”

Aligned with the Putin Doctrine are Russia, China, and India, now joined by Pakistan, which comprise between them the majority of humanity, on behalf of the nation-state and sovereignty.”

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