US Federal Judge: Permanent Injunction against Indefinite Detention without trial (NDAA)

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“A huge and historic victory for democracy”

Judge Forrest’s decision this week reaffirms her earlier ruling that prohibits the US government from abiding by the indefinite detention provision in the NDAA, a clause that allows for American citizens to be detained and held on the suspicion of supporting terrorists “or associated forces” until a very vague time frame described as only “until the end of hostilities.”RT (1)

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RT: ‘US instigating violent crackdown on whistleblowers, dissent’

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The way government is over-classifying information:
“It’s not national security information,
it’s the government using classification
as a way of protecting its own corruption and fraud.”
Naomi Wolf

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HISTORIC Victory for Civil Rights: U.S. Judge puts a hold on NDAA indefinite military detention

“Those who Sacrifice Liberty for Security deserve Neither.”
Benjamin Franklin

“All of this has gone too far in this country”
Carl Mayer, attorney for The Mayer Law Group

Judge says Americans aren’t part of ‘Homeland Battlefield’

“Sorry, Mr. President. A US Federal judge has clarified a decision made last month with some news sure to upset the Obama administration: the White House cannot use the NDAA to indefinitely detain American citizens.” RTNDAA unconstitutional: Federal judge bans Obama from indefinitely detaining Americans – June 7, 2012

Federal Judge Clarifies:
My Injunction Against NDAA Indefinite Detention Applies To ALL Americans

June 8, 2012

As previously reported, Federal District Judge Katherine Forrest, in Manhattan on May 16, 2012 issued a preliminary injunction in Hedges v. Obama, against Government enforcement of a section of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). That section of the NDAA permits detention of any individuals who are viewed as “supporting” or “associated with” terrorists, for the duration of the present, ongoing military hostilities.

On May 25, the Government filed a motion for reconsideration, i.e., asking the judge to change her decision because of important relevant facts or law she had not considered in her ruling. In the normal course of arguing a motion, the plaintiffs are due to file a response to that motion tomorrow, and the Government gets to reply to the plaintiff’s arguments a week later.

However, the Government’s May 25 brief about their motion stated at the outset, that the Government deems the judge’s preliminary injunction order to apply only to the individual plaintiffs in the case, and not more generally, and that it only enjoined enforcement under one sub-section of the NDAA.

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Rare moment of lucidity: US Media critical of NDAA’s prolonged Detention

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RT: Congress considers repeal of indefinite detention and torture

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“Barely two months after President Obama authorized the indefinite detention of Americas, two members of US Congress are asking fellow lawmakers to approve a bill that will repeal a controversial provision of the NDAA.(…)  Rep. Adam Smith of Washington and Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado, are asking other lawmakers in the House and Senate to sign their name on a bill that will make sure anyone — American or not — will be given a fair trial.” RT

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March towards martial law in the US? – NDAA effective since March 1, 2012

US Total War: ‘Martial law at home, hawks over Iran’

“Controversial detentions could soon be commonplace in the U.S. – with the National Defense Authorisation Act coming into effect this Thursday. The law, that many fear spells the end of American democracy, grants the government and the military unprecedented powers to detain US citizens indefinitely, without trial. All this is happening against the backdrop of ramped up anti-Iranian rhetoric from Washington. Film director Sean Stone, who recently made headlines for publicly embracing Islam, has told RT the timing is no coincidence.”

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POLICE STATE USA 2012: Obama’s New Year’s Gift to the American People



“… constitutes a justification for repealing fundamental rights and freedoms, with a stroke of the pen.”

“…any American opposed to the policies of the US government can –under the provisions of the NDAA– be labelled a “suspected terrorist” and arrested under military detention.”

“This New Year’s Eve December 31, 2011 signing of the NDAA will indelibly go down as a landmark in American history.”

“Today, January 1st, 2012, our thoughts are with the American people.”   Michel Chossudovsky

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Ron Paul warning: NDAA virtually assures “our descent into totalitarianism.”

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“Shortly after the passing of the treasonous National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Lyndon LaRouche said that any legislator who voted for the abomination could soon “find themselves as defendants before a war crimes tribunal.” If a Montana effort to recall the state’s two U.S. Senators who voted for it gains momentum, that day could come sooner than they expect.”  (1)

Ron Paul Continues To Hit Fascist NDAA

LAROUCHEPAC – December 27, 2011- In his weekly phone message to supporters, yesterday, Texas Republican Congressman and currently GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul warned that the National Defense Authorization Act will accelerate the country’s “slip into tyranny” and virtually assures “our descent into totalitarianism.”  Continue reading