The problem is empty people, not loaded guns

Empty Bottle, by zirconicusso / *

Empty Bottle, by zirconicusso / *

we must identify the underlying currents that create Empty people who are willing to load guns and sharpen knives with the goal of hurting others. (…) some in Hollywood are finally coming forward to admit that video game, movie, and television violence set the stage…and in all too many cases actually encourage …the unhinged, as well as the borderline unhinged, to pattern their thinking and behaviors after evil role models.”

“For seven or eight decades now, public schools have failed to teach every non-retarded child to read, write, cipher, build a knowledge base, and use all of these tools for Thinking, Analyzing, and Wisely Concluding.” – Linda Schrock Taylor – emphasis added

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Interesting new Trend in UK: People lawfully arresting corrupt Judge

A few months ago, in Birkenhead UK,
a group of 600 ordinary people
a judge for running an unlawful court
during a totally peaceful demonstration.

The judge was not assaulted in any way but he was informed that
he was put under arrest by the public.

Needless to say, this event was not covered by the mainstream media.

by “WE THE PEOPLE” in his court

“The government is terrified of what people can do when they’ve got proper knowledge and understanding of what is happening in their country. So the British government was so terrified of what six hundred peacefull protesters did in Birkenhead, near Liverpool, that they had to remove the video.”
Brian Gerrish

See more Videos —  Listen to Brian Gerrish, on Alex Jones, starting from min 8:00 –

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