RT: Millions of children prescribed antipsychotic drugs they don’t need

Image: Piyachok Thawornmat / freedigitalphotos.net *

“US psychiatrists prescribe antipsychotic drugs to children in one third of all visits, which is a rate almost three times higher than during the 1990’s.”

We have a national catastrophe,” Dr. Peter Breggin told US News & World Report. “This is a situation where we have ruined the brains of millions of children.  RT

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“Houston, we have a problem!”: Lethal Legal Drugs

Image: Mantas Ruzveltas / FreeDigitalPhotos.net *

Prescription Drugs kill 300 percent more Americans than Illegal Drugs

by David Gutierrez


A report by the Florida Medical Examiners Commission has concluded that prescription drugs have outstripped illegal drugs as a cause of death.

An analysis of 168,900 autopsies conducted in Florida in 2007 found that three times as many people were killed by legal drugs as by cocaine, heroin and all methamphetamines put together. According to state law enforcement officials, this is a sign of a burgeoning prescription drug abuse problem.

“The abuse has reached epidemic proportions,” said Lisa McElhaney, a sergeant in the pharmaceutical drug diversion unit of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. “It’s just explosive.”

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