Daniel Estulin: Uncovering data from the Bilderberg Club 2012 Meeting

Image: FrameAngel / freedigitalphotos.net *

“… Bilderberg is extremely worried because as one European Bilderberger openly admitted, “Putin is by far the most formidable opponent in the world stage to our plans.” What makes Bilderberg position that much more difficult is Putin´s moral position in “protecting and promoting its national interest.”  Daniel Estulin

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The Blair Doctrine vs. the Putin Doctrine

Vladimir Putin with Tony Blair / http://www.kremlin.ru. *

“A key plank of the Blair Doctrine for today is that NATO must be able to go to war without consulting national legislatures, because there is “no time” to get their permission.”

Aligned with the Putin Doctrine are Russia, China, and India, now joined by Pakistan, which comprise between them the majority of humanity, on behalf of the nation-state and sovereignty.”

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Putin Wins Russian Presidency: “This victory signals a defeat for those who want to destroy Russia”

With over 94% of the votes counted, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has won a clear first-round victory in today’s Russian Presidential election. His percentage of the vote currently stands at 64.78%, as against 17.03% for Communist Party candidate Gennadi Zyuganov; 7.06% for billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, an independent candidate; 6.31% for Vladimir Zhirinovsky of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia; and A Just Russia leader Sergei Mironov at 3.73%.  LaRouchePAC

Teary-eyed Putin addresses 110,000 crowd near Kremlin

‘We won!’ Teary-eyed Putin proclaims victory

05 March, 2012

Vladimir Putin, set to win a third presidential term, declared his victory and thanked his voters for their support. Polling at almost 64 percent with almost all of the votes counted, victory seems assured.

We have won in an open and fair struggle,” Putin said, addressing 110,000 people gathered on Manezhnaya Square outside the Kremlin walls.

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