Devastating potential: The combined synergistic adverse effects of GMOs and pesticides

Image by Stuart Miles /

Image by Stuart Miles / *

is the combination
of multiple ingredients producing a result greater
than the simple arithmetic summation of the individual components.

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Open Tesla: Tesla Motors opens up Entire Patent Portfolio

Cutaway view of the electric motor which powers the Tesla Model S / Photo by Alison Cassidy

Cutaway view of the electric motor which powers the Tesla Model S / Photo by Alison Cassidy *

Founder Elon Musk wrote that the company
“will not initiate patent lawsuits
against anyone who, in good faith,
wants to use [Tesla’s] technology.”

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18 years ago : A major canadian report on the effectiveness of chiropractic

Posted on 2011/08/17

By Sylvain Boisvert DC

On August 1993, the Manga Report was published. It  attracted then national attention for its support to chiropractic treatment of low back pain.

Up to this date, it is still considered to be the largest existing analysis of scientific literature on low back pain.

jscreationzs /

This independent and impartial study, which was commissioned by the Ministry of Health of the Province of Ontario shows that chiropractic treatment of back pain:

  1. is  cost-effective
  2. receives a high level of patient satisfaction
  3. is more effective than medical treatment for low back pain.

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Cancer Research of 10 Years Useless: Fraudulent Studies

Lancet’s editor calls fraudulent medical research a ‘scar on the moral body of science’. But it’s really just part of an entire system of fraud in medicine.

by Heidi Stevenson


Money passing hands in front of death's head caduceus

Medical science is rampant with fraud. At the Mayo Clinic, ten years of research that appeared to be leading towards harnessing the immune system to fight cancer is worthless because of fraudulent studies and later research based on the fraudulent ones.

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