Done in secret and by boat: 122 Tonnes of Gold repatriated by the Dutch central bank

Amsterdam - Canal at dusk, Author Jorge Láscar / wikimedia *

Amsterdam – Canal at dusk, Author Jorge Láscar / wikimedia *

”This is devastating news to our bankers.  Remember that for every ounce of gold, we have 100 oz of paper obligations written on it.  Thus a removal of 122 tonnes causes a derivative mess of 12200 tonnes of gold.”Harvey Organ (1)

”The impact of the Dutch gold repatriation can be huge. First of all, because it underlines more and more countries are getting nervous about their gold reserves stored in the US.” – Koos Jansen (2)

”I think this also explains the 33 tonnes of gold that the U.S. military airlifted out of Ukraine…” (3)

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Eric Sprott: Western ‘Central Banks’ gold is likely gone’

Image by dan / freedigitalphotos,net *

“Our analysis of the physical gold market shows that central banks have most likely been a massive unreported supplier of physical gold, and strongly implies that their gold reserves are negligible today”

“The central banks’ gold is likely gone, and the bullion banks that sold it have no realistic chance of getting it back.” Eric Sprott & David Baker (emphasis added)

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