Western Double Standards and Strange series of Opposition killings in Ukraine

Ron Paul (2012) , photo by David Carlyon / wikimedia

Ron Paul (2012) , photo by David Carlyon (cropped by cnlib) / wikimedia

‘While some journalists here in the US have started to notice the strange series of opposition killings in Ukraine, the US government has yet to say a word.’ (1)Ron Paul (emphasis added) 

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Ron Paul: US “only recognizes elections as free and fair when the US-favored candidate wins”

Ron Paul in Reno, Nevada (2011) /  Photo taken by Gage Skidmore

Ron Paul in Reno, Nevada (2011) / Photo taken by Gage Skidmore *

Ron Paul: It represents a continuation of the policy of
do what we say and we will subsidize you, disobey us and we will bomb you.

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Ron Paul: We’ve had enough of these wars and we’ve had enough of this debt.

Dr. Ron Paul, by Gage Skidmore / Wiki Commons *

Dr. Ron Paul, by Gage Skidmore / Wiki Commons 

The American people want no part of a conflict with Russia, just as they wanted no part in a war against Syria last summer (…) The American tax-payers don’t want it and our government thinks they can get away with it.” – emphasis added

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Ron Paul on DIA: Expanding covert warfare makes us less safe

Ron Paul, bu David Carlyon / wikimeda *

US Congressman Ron Paul, by David Carlyon / wikimeda (1)

Ron Paul:
“Thousands of new DIA spies are to be hired and placed undercover alongside their CIA counterparts to help foment ever more covert wars and coups in foreign lands. Congress is silent. Where will it all end?” 

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Ron Paul: The Internet Revolution is a Liberty Revolution

Image by duron123 / freedigitalphotos.net *

For the first time in human history, supporters of liberty around the world can share information across borders quickly and cheaply. Without the filter of government censors, this information emboldens millions to question governments and promote liberty.” Ron Paul

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Is the US Dollar’s global process of rejection gathering pace?

China might be making overt moves toward a convertible Yuan currency. (…) Consider the recent acceleration in Chinese gold accumulation, either the basis core for a gold-backed Yuan alternative to the crippled toxic USDollar, or the basis core for a new global trade settlement system to be introduced very soon. The usually patient Beijing leaders are showing signs of no longer possessing patience. The gold imports from Hong Kong are not simply rising; they are exploding in unprecedented fashion. Something big is going on.” – Jim Willie (1)

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Self Governance versus false government security blanket

The social self by Nikkihiggins / Wikimedia

“Do we really want to live in a world of police checkpoints, surveillance cameras, and metal detectors? Do we really believe government can provide total security?”

“Internal self governance, by contrast, is a much more powerful regulator of human behavior than any law. This self-governance must be developed from birth, first by parents but later also through the positive influence of relatives and adult role models.” – Ron Paul

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Ron Paul: Fractional Reserve Banking, Government, and Moral Hazard

Image: Ambro / freedigitalphotos.net *

Fractional reserve banks … create money out of thin air. Essentially they do it in the same way as counterfeiters. Counterfeiters, too, create money out of thin air by printing something masquerading as money or as a warehouse receipt for money. In this way, they fraudulently extract resources from the public, from the people who have genuinely earned their money. In the same way, fractional reserve banks counterfeit warehouse receipts for money, which then circulate as equivalent to money among the public. There is one exception to the equivalence: The law fails to treat the receipts as counterfeit.”  Murray Rothbard

“Fractional reserve banking is the practice by which banks accept deposits but only keep a fraction of those deposits on hand at any time. (…) And if depositors en masse attempt to withdraw more funds than are available in reserves, the entire of house of cards comes crashing down. This is the very real threat facing some European banks today.” – Ron Paul

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Audit the Fed: UPDATE with Lew Rockwell

“Ron Paul made the Fed an issue the first time since 1913 when the Thing went into existence. (…) People are right to focus on the Fed: it’s a very dangerous institution (…) The Fed is the foundation of all our economic troubles, here, in Europe, and in – I’m afraid – the coming global depression.
Lew Rockwell

Ron Paul continues fight to audit the Fed Creative Commons Attribution licence (reuse allowed)

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Ron Paul: When will we attack Syria?

“In my opinion, all the evidence to justify this attack is bogus.
It is no more credible than the pretext given for the 2003 invasion of Iraq
or the 2011 attack on Libya.”

It’s time to bring our troops home
and establish a non-interventionist foreign policy,
which is the only road to peace and prosperity.”
Ron Paul

Floor Speech, Syria June 19 2012 – June 19 2012

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Ron Paul: Our central bankers are intellectually bankrupt

Image: nattavut / FreeDigitalPhotos.net *

“We live in a world that seems to have abandoned
the concept of savings and investment
as the source of real wealth and economic growth.”

“Control of the world’s economy has been placed
in the hands of a banking cartel,
which holds great danger for all of us.”

Ron Paul

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USA and the UNTHINKABLE: Can voting machines be tampered?

Voting machines being tampered with to change outcomes

“I think whoever made this video is just making a point that this technology (and is it really being used as we speak?) could be used to steal votes from Ron Paul or potentially in any election. Continue reading

Ron Paul: Audit the Fed, Before It’s Too Late!

Audit the Fed, Before It’s Too Late!
by Ron Paul – Daily Paul
March 5, 2012

“While the Fed has recently released an unprecedented amount of information on its activities, there is still much that remains unknown. Predictably, every push towards transparency has been fought tooth and nail. It took disclosure requirements enacted within the Dodd-Frank Act to get the Fed to provide data on its emergency lending facilities. It took lawsuits filed by Bloomberg and Fox News to provide data on discount window lending during the worst parts of the financial crisis. And it will take further concerted action on the part of Congress, the media, and the public to keep up pressure on the Fed to become and remain transparent.” Continue reading

Germany to review Bundesbank Gold reserves

Image: ponsulak / FreeDigitalPhotos.net *

“There is increasing nervousness amongst the German public, German politicians and indeed the Bundesbank itself regarding the gigantic risk on the balance sheet of Germany’s central bank and this is leading some in Germany to voice concerns about the location and exact amount of Germany’s gold reserves.”

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