Daniel Estulin: Uncovering data from the Bilderberg Club 2012 Meeting

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“… Bilderberg is extremely worried because as one European Bilderberger openly admitted, “Putin is by far the most formidable opponent in the world stage to our plans.” What makes Bilderberg position that much more difficult is Putin´s moral position in “protecting and promoting its national interest.”  Daniel Estulin

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Government Debt per Capita: Quebec $38,725, Ontario $35,550 … Russia $ 1,247

G10 – Debt to GDP / ZeroHedge *

“Canada’s combined federal and provincial net debt will pass $1.1 trillion at 11 p.m. ET on October 3, (2011) according to a recent calculation.”

“Per capita debt is highest in Quebec and Ontario, where it has hit $38,725 and $35,550 respectively, and lowest in Alberta and the Yukon, where it has reached $14,700 and $14,900.”
Rachel Mendleson,  huffingtonpost.ca (1)

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Putin – No to NWO, YES to NMO: The New MULTIPOLAR Order

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“Vladimir Putin presents a major obstacle to US world dominance.”

“Russians are thankful to Vladimir Putin for having given them back their pride in Russia, their self-confidence as citizens of a great nation with a long history and proud traditions.”

“Putin certainly believes in himself, but above all, he believes in Russia. In the eyes of many Russians, Putin has become the symbol of Russia’s return to power.”   Olivia Kroth (1)

Escobar: Putin not part of NWO, labelled evil by elites

To read:
Russia and the changing world
, by Vladimir Putin, RIA Novosti,  27/02/2012

Next: Vladimir Putin speaking at the
Munich Press Conference on Security Policy
held in Germany back in 2007.

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Putin Wins Russian Presidency: “This victory signals a defeat for those who want to destroy Russia”

With over 94% of the votes counted, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has won a clear first-round victory in today’s Russian Presidential election. His percentage of the vote currently stands at 64.78%, as against 17.03% for Communist Party candidate Gennadi Zyuganov; 7.06% for billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, an independent candidate; 6.31% for Vladimir Zhirinovsky of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia; and A Just Russia leader Sergei Mironov at 3.73%.  LaRouchePAC

Teary-eyed Putin addresses 110,000 crowd near Kremlin

‘We won!’ Teary-eyed Putin proclaims victory

05 March, 2012

Vladimir Putin, set to win a third presidential term, declared his victory and thanked his voters for their support. Polling at almost 64 percent with almost all of the votes counted, victory seems assured.

We have won in an open and fair struggle,” Putin said, addressing 110,000 people gathered on Manezhnaya Square outside the Kremlin walls.

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Is US meddling in Russian elections?

Stephen F. Cohen: U.S. Meddles in Russia *

BOMBSHELL: US Caught Meddling in Russian Elections!
Putin compares US funded NGOs to Judas the betrayer

by Tony Cartalucci
Global Research

December 6, 2011 – What would Americans say if they found their polling stations and certain political parties entirely infiltrated by Chinese money, Chinese observers, and Chinese-backed candidates promoting China’s interests in an AMERICAN election? The answer ranges from incarceration, to trials featuring charges ranging from fraud, to sedition and even treason with sentences ranging from decades to life in prison, perhaps even death, as well as possible military action for what could easily be considered an act of war.

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NATO concealing preparations for military action against Syria?

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The United States has decided to disengage itself from certain obligations on the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty (CFE). In particular, the USA will no longer inform Russia about the plans connected with the redeployment of its forces. Those restrictions are not touching upon any other country.

Is Russia a big obstacle for conducting NATO’s operation against Syria? Does the USA have anything to conceal…”   

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Craig Roberts: The roads to war and economic collapse

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“The day before the Thanksgiving holiday brought three extraordinary news items.  One was the report on the Republican presidential campaign debate. One was the Russian President’s statement about his country’s response to Washington’s missile bases surrounding his country. And one was the failure of a German government bond auction.

As the presstitute media will not inform us of what any of this means, let me try.”   Paul Craig Roberts

China Warns: “Elements in the U.S. have also clamored for an Attack” on China and Russia

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November 10, 2011

It is the economic collapse in the West that is driving the push for world war, including against China and Russia, China’s Global Times says. “While the US and other Western countries are struggling economically, their military power reigns supreme. This contrast is inevitably tempting in their strategic thinking but would have a profoundly negative impact on world peace.

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Greece has privately made its wish to leave the EuroZone

Harvey Organ:

One of my good friends writes this email to me and I believe he is correct. I am not sure if Greece will leave first or will Germany but the result is the same. He wishes to share his thoughts with you but remain nameless:

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RT : Russia and China won’t buy bogus NATO Syria line

‘Russia won’t buy bogus NATO Syria line’ RussiaToday

Russia and China have vetoed the UN resolution on Syria, urging political dialogue instead of proposed tough sanctions on Bashar al-Assad’s regime. The move caused outrage from the US. RT talks to John Laughland from the Institute for democracy and cooperation in Paris.

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Vladimir Putin Outflanks the British


“Vladimir Putin has taken the world by surprise, announcing not only his own candidacy for President of Russia, but also Dmitri Medvedev’s parallel candidacy for Prime Minister, outflanking London’s divide-and-conquer strategy.”
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Canada tries to force Russia out of the Arctic

by Vadim Trukhachev



Canada tries to force Russia out of the Arctic. 45254.jpegLate last week, Canadian Prime Minister Harper spent four days in the Arctic. Flying around military bases in the northern provinces of Canada Nunavut, Yukon and Northwest Territories has become a tradition over the years of his stay in power. The current Prime Minister has been in power for six years, and for the sixth time he appeared in the Arctic. Harper has repeatedly said that these visits are made in the framework of the “northern strategy.” It includes an increase in military presence, economic and social development and environmental protection in polar latitudes.

Strictly speaking, the military component was clearly in the first place. As soon as he arrived in the Arctic, Harper began to observe the exercises attended by land, naval, and air forces. Although the exercises are carried out for the fifth time, it is the first time when they are conducted at such a scale. Continue reading