Drying ‘Baltic Dry Index’: Elites destroy Demand by destroying the World Economy

Baltic Exchange Dry Index (BDI) *, exponential average in red. 200 day exp. avr. green / VIa HarveyOrgan.blogspot.ca  **

Daniel Estulin: “About ten or eleven years ago, I saw a phrase in one of the Bilderberger reports, and they literally talk about “Demand Destruction”. I didn’t understand it at the time (…) until about three years ago (…) I saw the same phrase again in the Club of Rome report and shortly after in the Bilderberg report. And then it was on the CFR.org web page.

So I asked a friend of mine in the World Bank, I said: “What does it mean – Demand Destruction?”

He said: “You destroy the demand by destroying the world economy.”

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