Zombie banks: The Whole System itself is Corrupt

“The following story is absolutely fascinating.  You will recall that the President of Barclay’s resigned on the Libor scandal. Now it seems that the Bank of England made them do it. I wonder why?  Maybe it has something to do with the forward price of gold.  Because interest rates received for loaning gold is next to nothing, then it is necessary to lower LIBOR as a cost for that lease.  The audit of the Fed will likely show the same result. (…) the finger is pointing to the Fed with respect to the Libor lie. There is no question that the gold suppression scheme is critical in this mess because the cost component of the lease is libor.” – Harvey Organ (1)

Economics Professor Rodney Shakespeare:
‘Zombie banks criminals must go to jail’

Jim Willie CB: “Few observers make the connection, but the current LIBOR scandal is a middle inning of two important events. The first is the demise of the Western banker leadership crew. The executives from the most powerful banks will be last to be deposed, all sharing an ethnic strain. The second is the open fracture of the Western financial system. Continue reading

LaRouche: 1923-Style Collapse Underway On a Global Scale

Queen Isabella Causeway collapse / Wikimedia Commons *

the British, European and American establishments intend to defend their wealth and privilege by any means and will never agree to this revolutionary transformation of their banking system.LarouchePac  Continue reading