Fast and Furious: 52 US Congressmen calling for Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation

Eric Holder, Attorney General / Wiki Commons *

52 Congressmen Call For Obama’s Firewall, Attorney General Eric Holder, To Resign

November 21, 2011

LAROUCHEPAC – According to, 52 members of the U.S. Congress are now on record calling for Eric Holder’s resignation for his role in the coverup of Operation Fast and Furious. As the White House Insider has pointed out in the Ulsterman Report, Obama himself will be vulnerable in the same way that Nixon was, following the ouster of Attorney General John Mitchell, if Holder is successfully removed.

On Thursday, 40 of the 52 members of Congress sent a letter to Obama demanding that he fire Holder and stating that if he does not, then they will regard him as complicit in Holder’s coverup of Operation Fast and Furious. Continue reading