Putin – No to NWO, YES to NMO: The New MULTIPOLAR Order

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“Vladimir Putin presents a major obstacle to US world dominance.”

“Russians are thankful to Vladimir Putin for having given them back their pride in Russia, their self-confidence as citizens of a great nation with a long history and proud traditions.”

“Putin certainly believes in himself, but above all, he believes in Russia. In the eyes of many Russians, Putin has become the symbol of Russia’s return to power.”   Olivia Kroth (1)

Escobar: Putin not part of NWO, labelled evil by elites

To read:
Russia and the changing world
, by Vladimir Putin, RIA Novosti,  27/02/2012

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Munich Press Conference on Security Policy
held in Germany back in 2007.

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Vladimir Putin Outflanks the British


“Vladimir Putin has taken the world by surprise, announcing not only his own candidacy for President of Russia, but also Dmitri Medvedev’s parallel candidacy for Prime Minister, outflanking London’s divide-and-conquer strategy.”
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