An Insult to Canadians: Did Harper knowingly accept the ‘Statesman Award’ from the Hands of a War Criminal?

Image by Anthony Easton/flickr / Wikimedia *

“The prime minister (…) accepted the foundation’s “world statesman” award from storied U.S. statesman Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon’s onetime secretary of state.” (1)

Henry Kissinger was likely the most noted war criminal ever to win the Nobel Prize. (…) The sheer scope of his crimes is breathtaking. (2)

“… wanted for questioning by judges in Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, France and Spain, Kissinger has a hard time traveling and speaking in public. (3) (emphasis added)

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Protester in UK Court shouting “This man (Tony Blair) should be arrested for war crimes!”

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A protester burst in on former British Prime Minister Tony Blair as he testified at a UK inquiry into media ethics at London’s Royal Courts of Justice on Monday. The protester gained entrance to the court through a secure corridor and shouted “This man should be arrested for war crimes!” before being removed by security. Continue reading