Saudi King clinically dead reported to be in good health: Danger ahead for the Petro-dollar?

August, 2005 – Vice President Dick Cheney walks with newly crowned King Abdullah, former President George H.W. Bush, and former Secretary of State Colin Powell / wikimedia  (1)

Riyadh – “Dismissing the reports that Saudi King Abdullah had slipped into a coma and was on ventilator, Crown Prince Salman on Tuesday said that the King was “well and in good health” (2)

PressTV – “Failing health, old age as well as the deaths of the king’s half-brothers have raised concerns about the future of the oil-rich country in the face of anti-government demonstrations.”  (3)

Jim Willie –The House of Saud (…) is in danger of falling, along with the Petro-Dollar. (…)  Continue reading