Are there snakes in Lake Ontario?

Are there water snakes in Lake Ontario?

MUSKOKA — The Northern Water Snake is one of 15 snake species in Ontario, and has been a native resident to the Muskoka lakes much longer than any cottager. They are widespread in a variety of permanent freshwater bodies, found in the shoreline habitat of many lakes, rivers and wetlands throughout most of Ontario.

Are there water snakes in the Great Lakes?

Lake Erie watersnakes grow to 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 feet in length. They are not venomous. Habitat – In summer, the snakes live on the cliffs, ledges and rocky shorelines of limestone islands and forage in the nearshore waters of Lake Erie. During winter, Lake Erie watersnakes hibernate underground.

Are there snakes in Algonquin Park?

There are 31 different species of reptiles and amphibians in Algonquin Provincial Park. Among the reptiles are five species of turtles, and nine species of snakes (none are venomous). The amphibians include seven species of salamanders, and ten species of frogs and toads.

What eats snakes in Ontario?

In addition to natural predators like fishers and red shouldered hawks, these snakes are often killed on our roads, and their natural habitats are disappearing.

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