Best answer: Where can I see the Northern Lights in Ontario?

Can you see the Northern Lights in Cochrane Ontario?

Your journey would essentially start in Cochrane, where you’ll definitely want to stay for a night or two to search the night skies. A short 5-minute drive out of the town will bring you to dark areas perfect for viewing the Northern Lights. … Plan your trip to Ontario’s Northland via the Polar Bear Express here.

What month is best to see the Northern Lights in Canada?

November to March is usually the best time to see the lights as the skies are at their darkest. The time of night when the light appears varies depending on your region, but usually between 10 pm and 2 am is a good bet.

Can you see the northern lights in Ottawa?

The capital of Canada is located in Southern Ontario and therefore doesn’t boast as good aurora borealis visibility as the northernmost regions of the country. As you need complete darkness, to be able to see the aurora, it’s best to get away from the big city and light pollution. …

Can you see the aurora borealis from Niagara Falls?

Among the popular attractions of Canada, the Niagara Falls and the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) are also highly recommended. … Chou said travelers who wished to see the aurora could come in late August or September. “Of course, seeing [the aurora] during winter is much better.

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Can we see northern lights in Canada?

There’s something about the northern lights in Canada that captures our imagination. … Even while unique space weather events sometimes make it possible to see them near cities like Vancouver, there are a few places in Canada where you’re practically guaranteed to see them, namely up north.

Can you see the Northern Lights in Sudbury Ontario?

Clear nights are key. With the right conditions, anywhere from Sudbury to Timmins, and all points between and beyond, hold the potential for spectacular displays of dancing light. Keep an eye on the BIG Northeastern Ontario sky for your chance to capture the northern lights.

Where can I see Northern Lights in Thunder Bay?

In Thunder Bay, you can find horizonless views from the Terry Fox Memorial and Mount McKay Scenic Lookout. But for the best chance to see the Northern Lights, travel further along the shores of Lake Superior to Sleeping Giant Provincial Park or Pukaskwa National Park.