Can a landlord deny an emotional support animal in Canada?

Can a landlord refuse an emotional support dog Canada?

A landlord cannot refuse to rent or charge a pet damage deposit to anyone in need of a service animal. If the pet is not deemed necessary, landlords may charge up to one-month’s rent for a pet damage deposit. Under the Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act, a landlord cannot instate a no-pets clause.

Can a landlord deny an emotional support animal based on size?

Typically, a landlord will have a difficult time establishing that an emotional support animal constitutes a fundamental alteration or undue burden. … A landlord is not allowed to deny a reasonable accommodation based on the animal’s breed, weight, or size since there is no restriction for an Emotional Support Animal.

Can you turn away an emotional support animal?

Also known as the FHA, the Fair Housing Act is a federal law. According to this law, anyone with a mental or physical disability cannot be turned away from housing because of their emotional support animal or certified service dog.

Can you refuse service to someone with an emotional support animal?

Unlike service animals, emotional support animals are not automatically allowed in restaurants and other businesses, and businesses have the right to accept or deny ESAs. … They may not request documentation and the ADA does not require service animals to wear a vest or ID tag.

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Can landlord reject ESA?

Under the Federal Fair Housing Act, individuals with disabilities have protections from discrimination, including those who require an ESA to function. It states that landlords cannot refuse a potential tenant based solely on their disability and must make reasonable accommodations for them.

How do I reject ESA?

If your landlord refuses to accommodate your ESA without giving a valid reason, you have every right to file a complaint with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). You can do this by filing an electronic complaint or mailing a complaint form to their offices.

Can landlords discriminate against ESA dog breeds?

TLDR: Your assistance animal (service animal or emotional support dog) cannot be denied based on breed, size, or weight.

What qualifies as an emotional support animal?

To qualify for an emotional support animal in the US, its owner must have an emotional or mental disability that is certified by a mental health professional such as a psychiatrist, psychologist, or other licensed mental health care provider. These may be invisible disabilities.