Can I rent a car at 18 Ontario?

Can I rent out a car at 18?

By Alamo United States, the minimum age for driving a car is 18 years old, but drivers aged 18 to 20 years must pay a surcharge of 49.37 US dollars per day. … The minimum age for hiring a car is 18 years old, but drivers between the age of 18-24 are typically required to pay a daily young driver surcharge.

Can I rent a car at 21?

Can You Rent a Car Under 25 in the US and Canada? … The minimum age to rent a vehicle with Enterprise is 21 throughout the U.S., except in Michigan and New York where the minimum age to rent is 18. Any U.S. government employee can rent at 18 years of age but must show the rental location his or her official orders.

What is the oldest age you can rent a car?

While there is no maximum age to rent a car in the US, it can be a different story when you travel elsewhere. Age limits vary between rental agencies and from country to country, but often fall between age 70 and 80.

Can I rent a car with a G2 in Ontario?

What are the requirements? Valid Driver’s Licence – You need to have a valid class “G” driver’s licence to rent a car in Ontario. It must be valid for the entire duration of the rental period. If you only have a learner’s permit (a G1 or G2 licence), you will not be able to rent a car.

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Can I rent a car at 19?

It’s simple, all you need is: Renters must be at least 20 years old to rent a vehicle at most locations in the U.S. and Canada. In Michigan, New York and the province of Quebec, the minimum age to rent a vehicle is 18. In Alabama and Nebraska, the minimum age to rent a vehicle is 19.

At what age can you rent a car in Canada?

While every rental car company has their own policies for young renters, the minimum age to rent a vehicle with Hertz is 20 throughout Canada, and 18 in Quebec. In the U.S. the minimum renting age is 20 in all states except New York and Michigan where it is 18 years of age.

What car rental companies will rent to 18 year old?

Regardless of age, drivers must provide proof of insurance and usually must make a credit card deposit to cover potential damage to the rental car.

  • E-Z Rent-A-Car. E-Z Rent-A-Car is one of the few national car rental companies that rents cars to drivers who are 18. …
  • Avis. …
  • Budget. …
  • National. …
  • Alamo. …
  • Rent-A-Wreck.

Does Hertz rent to 21 year olds?

It’s a common misconception that drivers have to be at least 25 years old to rent a car. Here’s the truth: Hertz rents to drivers 20 years old and up.

Can you rent a car in Canada if you are under 25?

The minimum age to get a car rental under 25 at Enterprise locations in Canada is 21. A young renter free may be applied to your rental if you are between 21 and 24 years of age. … You can only rent economy and up to full-size cars – no big trucks or luxury automobiles.

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