Can you go ice fishing in Ontario?

Where can I ice fish in Ontario today?

10 Best Spots for Ice Fishing in Ontario

  • The Lakes of Algoma Country. …
  • Lake Erie. …
  • Lake Simcoe. …
  • Lake of the Woods. …
  • Lake Ontario. …
  • Ottawa River. …
  • Lake Superior. …
  • Rice Lake.

Is there a fishing ban in Ontario?

The Government of Ontario has not made any direct changes to fishing and hunting and the majority of outdoor recreational areas have reopened. … While hunting and fishing are not prohibited activities, you may be fined for breaking COVID-19 restrictions.

What month can you start ice fishing?

Next, you’ll want to go when the fish are most likely to bite. While you can fish for as long as the ice is thick enough, November and December are especially ideal as the weather isn’t too cold yet, and the oxygen levels in the water are still relatively high, meaning the fish are still quite active.

Can you ice fish at night in Ontario?

The confusion over lockdown rules in Ontario is making its way onto the province’s frozen lakes. Regulations imposed by the provincial government have left many anglers wondering if they are able to stay at their ice shacks overnight. The quick answer is no. During the day, fishing is allowed, said Sgt.

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What fishing season is open in Ontario?

Ontario Fishing Regulations – Zone 5

Species Open Season Sport Licence
Walleye (or Sauger) Jan. 1-April 14; May 16-Dec 31 2 Per Day 4 Possession
Northern Pike All Year 4 Per Day 4 Possession
Smallmouth Bass (or Largemouth) Jan 1- June 30 Catch & Release
July 1-Nov 30 4 Per Day 4 Possession

Can you pike fish all year round?

Lots of anglers fish for pike from October through to the end of the traditional river season on 15 March. Some wait until the first frosts in autumn. Many other anglers fish for pike all year round. … Those with a long memory and a sense of tradition may stop fishing altogether during the close season.

Can you fish from a bridge in Ontario?

Editor’s Note: The Village of Hastings is unique in that it has the only bridge in Ontario that you can legally fish from. It’s located at Lock 18 at the mouth of Rice Lake, which attracts sports fishermen and families alike.

Can you ice fish in March in Ontario?

For anglers in other areas where seasons may be closed, you can come to Ontario where the seasons remain open for all species right through ice out. … March is prime time for ice fishing in Sunset Country and several resorts around the region have accommodations available for you right through March.

Can you ice fish in Toronto?

Ice fishing might be the ultimate winter activity in Ontario. … Lake Simcoe is one of the most popular destinations for ice fishing near Toronto with an array of operators offering heated ice hut rentals.

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Do you need fishing license for ice fishing Ontario?

To ice fish in Ontario, you need to: have a valid fishing licence ( e.g. , sport or conservation) follow the rules when ice fishing, including local open and closed seasons, possession limits and size restrictions indicated in the Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary.

Can you ice fish on Head Lake?

Head lake is Extremely shallow, like hard to find 20ft. Deepest spot i think officially is about 30ft. Also many many shoals and rock piles may make ice iffy. Best left for boat fishing I think.

What kind of fish are in Chaumont Bay?

Chaumont Bay is near Watertown. The most popular species caught here are Smallmouth bass, Largemouth bass, and Walleye.