Can you see whales in Vancouver in December?

There’s a very good chance to see humpback whales in December, especially this year with a dozen or so feeding in an area just west of Victoria.

Can you whale Watch in December?

However, for winter whale watching, humpback and blue whales are seen as late as December. From December to April, the bay is teeming with gray whales. … Enjoy a captivating whale watching adventure on a boat tour or at the lookout at Monterey Aquarium.

What is the best time of year to see whales in Vancouver?

Three hours in length, April through October are the ideal whale watching months. In this peak season, we boast a greater than 95% success rate of spotting whales, including both transient & resident orcas, humpback, Minke, & gray whales!

Do whales come out in winter?

Lawrence throughout the winter. Species such as fin, blue and minke whales linger as late as December and sometimes return as early as March, but prefer more temperate waters when ice is present. … Ice can prevent whales from surfacing to breathe or otherwise restrict their movement and access to food.

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When can you see humpback whales in Vancouver?

The best time for whale watching around Vancouver Island is between April and October. Orcas and humpback whale sightings are almost guaranteed during that period.

Where can you see whales in December and January?

The best locations to see whales in January and February are Hawaii, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Antarctica with blue whales appearing along the Baja California Peninsula on America’s west coast.

Where can you see killer whales in December?

The fjords of Norway and Iceland are full of herring during the winters. That’s why you can meet a lot of orcas there as well.

What is the best month to visit Vancouver?

The best times to visit Vancouver are from March to May and from September to November when the weather is mild and hotel rooms can be found at bargain rates.

When can you see orcas in BC?

WHEN IS THE BEST TIME OF YEAR FOR WHALE WATCHING? While it is possible to see whales at any time of the year, there is a peak season from May through October. During this peak season we boast a greater than 95% chance of spotting whales in Victoria, particularly resident orcas, humpback whales, and transient orcas!

What month is best for whale watching?

When is the best time to view the whales? The best time of year to view Orca whales is in May through September. If you’re looking for humpback whales then we suggest September through January.

Where can you see whales in the winter?

Hawaii, Mexico, and California are hot spots for viewing the marine mammals on their annual journey. Melanie Haiken is a San Francisco Bay Area–based health, science, and travel writer who contributes regularly to and numerous national magazines.

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Where do whales go in the winter?

In general, whales migrate toward the colder poles in the summer and toward the more tropical waters of the equator in the winter.

What weather is best to see whales?

Whale Watching with clouds and rain

Sometimes a cloudy day is the best whale watching weather. The whales don’t care if it is raining. It sometimes helps to remember that our Humpback whales spend much of their time in Alaska so they are used to cooler waters, a little wind and rain.