Does Canada have ECCN numbers?

All goods that are subject to Canada’s export controls regime have an ECL Item Number. … Exporters of goods must determine if the good to be exported is controlled by determining if there is an ECL Item Number for the good. Goods that are not controlled (e.g., bananas), do not have an ECL Item Number.

Is Canada exempt from ITAR?

Canadian Exemption under ITAR

The Canadian Exemption (ITAR §126.5) allows U.S. suppliers to export licence-free certain less sensitive, unclassified ITAR-controlled materiel and services to Canadian recipients registered under Canada’s Controlled Goods Program.

What is Export Control List Canada?

A Guide to Canada’s Export Control List: Detailed list of military and strategic goods and technology that are subject to export controls, including dual-use, munitions, nuclear non-proliferation, nuclear-related dual-use, miscellaneous goods and technology, missile technology control regime, and chemical and …

What is the Canadian equivalent of ITAR?

The United States government officially recognizes CGP as a Canadian equivalent program to ITAR. Because Protocase is CGP-certified, U.S. companies can share ITAR-restricted information with CGP-cleared Protocase employees.

Does everything have an ECCN?

Do all items have an ECCN? Many commercial goods are not on the CCL and do not have an ECCN. … EAR99 items generally consist of low-level technology, consumer goods, etc. and do not require a license in most situations.

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Does ITAR apply to Canada?

ITAR applies to those who hold dual nationalities, are Canadian permanent residents or are Canadian citizens, regardless of how long they have held either status, and international applicants, who were born in 28 embargoed countries deemed to be hostile to the United States such as China, Cuba, Haiti, Iran, Lebanon, …

What are controlled goods in Canada?

Definition of controlled goods

Controlled goods are primarily goods, including components and technical data that have military or national security significance, which are controlled domestically by the Government of Canada and defined in the Defence Production Act .

What is an ECCN number EAR99?

EAR99 is a classification for an item. It indicates that a particular item is subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), but not listed with a specific Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) on the Commerce Control List (CCL).

What is ECL in Canada?

An Export Control List Item Number (the “ECL Item Number”) is the Canadian identification or classification number that must be provided on export permit applications made under the Export and Import Permits Act and, if the good is subject to economic sanctions, requests for ministerial authorizations.

Who controls imports and exports in Canada?

The Trade Controls Bureau (TCB) authorizes, under the discretion of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the import and export of goods restricted by quotas and/or tariffs.

Can a Canadian company be ITAR compliant?

Canadian companies that register with the Canadian Controlled Goods Directorate are generally eligible to use the ITAR Canadian Exemption. This greatly facilitates business with the U.S. defence industry. However, the Exemption is limited and violations of the ITAR are often costly.

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What is CGP and ITAR clearance?

The Controlled Goods Program (CGP) is a registration and compliance program that regulates access to Controlled Goods, including International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) items, in Canada.

How do I get a Canadian export permit?

Export permits are issued either through (a) an on-line automated system either in the offices of customs brokers in major centres across Canada, or (b) in the offices of the Trade Controls & Technical Barriers Bureau of DFAIT in Ottawa.