Frequent question: What countries accept Canadian driver’s license?

Which countries accept Canadian driving license?

International Driving Permits (or ‘IDPs’) are accepted alongside a valid Canadian driver’s licence in well over 100 countries, and failing to produce one when required can result in a substantial fine.

IDP Required with a valid Canadian driver’s licence.

Afghanistan Hong Kong Fiji
Vanuatu Brunei Kazakhstan

Where is my Canadian drivers license valid?

You must have it with you whenever you’re driving. With it, you can drive anywhere in Canada. If you have a valid licence from your home country, you’ll probably be able to use this to drive in Canada for a short time after you arrive. Check with the government of your province or territory for details.

Is a Canadian drivers license valid in Europe?

Whether you’re American or Canadian, your passport and driver’s license are all you need in most European countries. However, some countries also require an International Driving Permit (IDP). An IDP is an official translation of your US license (making it easier for the cop to write out a ticket).

Can I drive in USA with Canadian G2 license?

G2 drivers can cross the border into the United States with their G2 license. They can also drive into other provinces with their Ontario G2 license. However, it is important to remember that drivers are not allowed on 400 highways, and so drivers should avoid these highways when they are traveling to cross the border.

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Can I use Canadian driver license in Philippines?

Foreigners who hold a valid driver’s license issued by the road authority of their home country can drive here in the Philippines for up to 90 days after their arrival provided that their license is in English.

Is Canada driving license valid in Dubai?

Feel free to drive an exotic sports car in Dubai if you belong to the United States. Along with this, tourists having permanent residence in Canada can also drive in Dubai with a Canadian driving license.

Can you drive in Dubai with Canadian license?

Customers with the following national driver’s license can drive in the United Arab Emirates without an International Driving Permit (IDP): Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Spain, …

Can I drive in Switzerland with a Canadian license?

Driver’s licenses in Switzerland

You can drive in Switzerland using your foreign driver’s license for up to 12 months as long as you are at least 18 years old. Once this 12 month period is up, you will need to exchange your license for a Swiss driver’s license.

Can I drive in Sweden with a Canadian license?

Driving in Sweden with a foreign license

If you hold a valid driving license from one of the European Economic Area (EEA) countries then the rules say you can use it to drive in Sweden. … The same rules apply for Australian and Canadian drivers. For more info see our guide to renting a car in Sweden.

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Can I drive in Portugal with a Canadian license?

Driver’s Licenses — U.S. and Canadian driver’s licenses are valid in Portugal. … In Portugal, as elsewhere in Europe, to drive a car legally you must have in your possession an international insurance certificate, known as a Green Card (Carte Verte or Carte Verde).