How can I buy a Canadian maple leaf?

What is a Canadian gold maple leaf worth?

On 3 May 2007, the Royal Canadian Mint unveiled a Gold Maple Leaf coin with a nominal face value of $1 million and a metal value of over $3.5 million. It measures 50 cm in diameter by 3 cm thick and has a mass of 100 kg, with a purity of 99.999%.

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf.

Design date 1979 (2015)

How much is a Maple Leaf today?


Name Price %
Maple Leaf 1 oz 1,872.15 -0.02
Maple Leaf 1/10 oz 222.32 0.02
Maple Leaf 1/2 oz 933.18 0.02
Maple Leaf 1/20 oz 41.20 -0.96

Are Canadian Maple Leafs a good investment?

Why Canadian Maple Leafs are an Ideal Investment

Issued by the Canadian government, maple leaf coins are considered legal tender. They’re generally priced around $5 Canadian dollars – much higher than the US eagle. However, these assets are mostly viewed as an investment in silver and are valued at that market price.

Are Canadian Maple Leafs pure gold?

In 2007 the Royal Canadian Mint produced a 100kg Maple Leaf in 99.999 percent pure gold, with a face value of $1 million Canadian dollars. … Unlike most gold bullion the Maple Leaf is considered a pure gold coin, with a gold content of 99.99 percent (99.9 percent for coins made between 1979 and 1982).

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How many types of maple trees are there in Canada?

Ten maple species are native to Canada (plus the Freeman Maple which is a naturally occuring hybrid).

Can Maple Leaf coin?

Maple Leaf gold coins are internationally recognized, traded worldwide and the Canadian government guarantees the purity, weight and legal tender value of each coin. A classic beauty with unsurpassed purity, Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins can provide diversification for your stock and bond portfolio.

Why are Maple Leafs cheaper than American Eagles?

As a result, Maple Leaf Gold coin value is determined solely by the gold price, as it is a fine gold coin. The American Eagle Gold coin value, on the other hand, is determined by the spot price of all its precious metals combined, although mostly by the price of gold.

Are Silver Maple Leafs a good investment?

Are Silver Maple Leafs a good investment? These coins are an excellent investment for a number of reasons. Canadian Silver Maples have the highest purity of any government minted silver coin – and their purity and weight are certified by the Canadian government.

Are Maple Leafs pure silver?

First minted in 1988, the Maple Leaf coin contains one troy ounce of . 9999 fine bullion, making it the purest one-ounce silver coin produced anywhere in the world. … It is a legal tender coin with a face value of five Canadian dollars, the highest face value of any one-ounce government-minted silver bullion coin.