How do you research a case law in Canada?

How do I look up a case law in Canada?

Search Case Law

  1. Supreme Court of Canada.
  2. Court of Appeal.
  3. Superior Court of Justice.
  4. Ontario Court of Justice.
  5. CanLII.

What sites can go to research specific law cases in Canada?

Canadian Case Law Databases

  • CanLII (Canadian Legal Information Institute) Free internet access to Canadian legislation & case law via uniform search interface; Scope of Databases.
  • [Lexis] Lexis Advance Quicklaw. …
  • [Lexis] Lexis Advance Quicklaw Plus.

Are Canadian court cases public?

Generally, in Canada, court transcripts are not required to be made publicly accessible, and in most cases, are not. … When cases have unrestricted access, court transcripts created by the court may be available to the public for purchase.

How do you research a legal case?

How To Find Free Case Law Online

  1. Introduction.
  2. Google Scholar.
  3. CourtListener.
  4. Caselaw Access Project.
  5. FindLaw.
  6. Justia.

How do I find court cases online?

Federal case files are maintained electronically and are available through the internet-based Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) service. PACER allows anyone with an account to search and locate appellate, district, and bankruptcy court case and docket information.

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Where can I find law reports?

Law students should be aware that there are three legal databases which contain law reports:

  • JustisOne.
  • LexisLibrary.
  • Westlaw.

What is case law example?

Case law is law that is based on judicial decisions rather than law based on constitutions, statutes, or regulations. … For example, a case in New York would not be decided using case law from California. Instead, New York courts will analyze the issue relying on binding precedent.

Can LII connect?

CanLII Connects is a platform for summaries and commentary on Canadian case law generated by a user community. In order to maintain the quality and usefulness of the information on this site, we require that members be competent in legal analysis.

What is the Andrews test?

The court outlined a test, sometimes called the “Andrews test”, to determine whether there has been a prima facie violation of equality rights. Andrews further held that discrimination according to grounds analogous to those enumerated in section 15 could result in a violation of the Charter.

How do I check someone’s criminal record?

The most reliable place for you to access someone else’s federal criminal records is at the federal courthouse where that person was tried. Each federal courthouse will have a clerk of courts.

How do you write a case brief in Canada?

Key elements in a case brief

Provide the case name and citation. Describe who was involved in the case. Explain what happened in the case. o This section provides an overview of the most important facts of the case, including all of the relevant people, actions, locations and objects involved.

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