How do you spell behavior in Canada?

In reality both american (behavior) and british (behaviour) spellings are acceptable in Canada aside from a couple of words (for example we always spell the noun “Cheque” in place of “Check” when refering to the method of payment).

Which is correct behavior or behaviour?

Behavior is the preferred spelling in American English. Behaviour is preferred everywhere else. Other than the spelling, there is no difference between the two words. The spelling distinction extends to all derivatives, including behaviors–behaviours, behavioral–behavioural, and behaviorally–behaviourally.

Which spelling is used in Canada?

In Canada, it is convention to use the British spelling, but with some regional differences.

Is behaviour a British spelling?

Behaviour and behavior are two versions of the same word. Behavior is standard in American English. Behaviour is standard in British English.

What words are different in Canada?

Here are a few of the staple Canadian slang words used daily.

  • Eh. This is our most popular Canadian saying that we receive the most flack about from the rest of the world. …
  • Loonie. …
  • Tuque. …
  • Washroom. …
  • Double Double. …
  • Two-Four. …
  • Molson Muscle. …
  • Hydro.

Is it GREY or gray in Canada?

Canadians prefer the spelling grey, although gray is also correct. Grey is the preferred spelling in Britain, while gray is favoured in the United States.

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Does Canadian English use British spelling?

Canadian spelling of the English language combines British and American rules. … Also, while the U.S. uses the Anglo-French spelling defense (noun), Canada uses the British spelling defence. (The spelling defensive is universal, as is true for offence and offensive.)

How do you spell defense in Canada?

In Canada, the preferred spelling is defence and not defense.

  1. The Minister of National Defence is responsible for the Canadian Forces.
  2. It would be hard to imagine anyone better on defence than Bobby Orr.

Is it spelled or Spelt in Canada?

You can use both and both are correct. Speakers in North America and Canada use spelled while the rest of the English-speaking world seems to prefer spelt but accept spelled as well.

How do you spell behavior in Australia?

In Australia, it is very common for words to have two spelling variations such as behaviour and behavior. In Australia it is best to use the primary spelling behaviour, unless it’s not your preference, or there’s some reason to use the secondary spelling variation.

How do you spell behavior in NZ?

Behaviour or behavior? Most New Zealanders know that New Zealand English (NZE) uses colour and behaviour, following British English (BrE) spelling.