How long is ferry from Vancouver to Vancouver Island?

Do I need to reserve ferry from Vancouver to Victoria?

Do I need to reserve the ferries and if not what time should I turn up? You don’t have to reserve. Reservations are really for people on a tight schedule who can’t afford the waiting time.

How much is the ferry to Victoria with a car?

Cost for adult passenger only: $17.20. Cost for Car & Driver: $74.70.

How much is the ferry ride from Vancouver to Victoria?

BC Ferries Connector Rates & Fares

Adult Child (age 5-11)
Vancouver Downtown – Victoria Downtown One – Way $50.50 $26.00
Vancouver Downtown – Swartz Bay or Duke Point or Gulf Island via Tsawwassen One – Way $32.50 $17.00
Vancouver Hotels – Victoria Downtown One – Way $60.50 $36.00

Which is better Nanaimo or Victoria?

While Victoria is good for the outdoors, Nanaimo youre closer to more mountain biking and hiking trails, better/nicer rivers and lakes, more back country access for skiing and snowshoeing, hunting, caving, outdoor rock climbing, and much closer to consistently better surf and wind.

Is there a ferry from Washington to Vancouver Island?

Washington State Ferries operates only one international scheduled ferry service, between Anacortes in Washington State and Sidney on the Saanich Peninsula of Vancouver Island.

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