How much did the Canada Line cost?

How much does the Canada Line cost?

Many visitors also like to buy TransLink’s convenient DayPass for unlimited travel across the entire transit network for a whole day; it costs $10.50 or $8.25 concession ($15.50 or $13.25 concession if purchased on Sea Island).

Who built the Expo Line?

Vancouver had plans as early as the 1950s to build a monorail system, with modernist architect Wells Coates pencilled in to design it; that project was abandoned.

Timeline of SkyTrain construction.

Line(s) Expo
Opened March 28, 1994
Section Scott Road – King George
Stations 3
Length 4.4 km

Is the Canada Line still running?

CANADA LINE metro time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 12:05 AM and ends at 11:45 PM. Operating days this week: everyday.

How much does it cost to get from Vancouver Airport to downtown?

Public Transit

The trip from YVR to downtown Vancouver takes only 26 minutes on a two zone fare of $4.25, plus the $5.00 Canada Line YVR AddFare. The YVR AddFare is waived if you have a pre-purchased fare, e.g. a day pass, monthly pass or a Fare Saver ticket.

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How much does it cost to ride the bus in Vancouver?

Fares are as follows: One Zone: $3.05 Adults / $2.45 Compass Card / $2.00 Concession. Two Zone: $4.35 Adults / $3.35 Compass Card / $3.00 Concession. Three Zone: $5.90 Adults / $4.60 Compass Card / $4.05 Concession.

How much does a SkyTrain weigh?

British Columbia Rapid Transit Company 1500/1600 series

Bombardier ART Mark III
Leading car length 17.35 m
Middle car length 16.70 m
Width 2.65 m
Weight 21.3 t

How long is the SkyTrain from King George to Waterfront?

The journey takes approximately 40 min. How far is it from Waterfront Station to King George Station? The distance between Waterfront Station and King George Station is 23 km.

How much does Expo Line cost?

The 15.1-mile Expo Line cost about $2.5 billion.

How many stops are on the Expo Line?

Additional information: EXPO LINE has 13 stations and the total trip duration for this route is approximately 23 minutes.