Is Edmonton colder than Ottawa?

Is Ottawa the coldest city in Canada?

Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, is the seventh coldest capital city in the world. The city experiences a humid continental climate. The average minimum temperature in January is −14.8 °C.

Is Alberta warmer than Ontario?

Among these, the Ontario cities of Toronto, Windsor and St. Catharines stand out as having a consistently warmer winter climate than the rest. Victoria, BC is the unchallenged leader among Canada’s large cities for winter heat.

Fewest Frozen Days.

City Days
Halifax, Nova Scotia 38
Calgary, Alberta 38
Windsor, Ontario 39

Is Edmonton colder than Quebec?

Winnipeg, Manitoba has the coldest winter weather of any major Canadian city. It ranks first for the lowest average temperatures.

Coldest Winter Climates.

City Low °F Low °C
Trois-Rivières, Quebec 6 -14.5
Edmonton, Alberta 8 -13.4

Is Edmonton very cold?

The city is known for having cold winters. Its average daily temperatures range from a low of −10.4 °C (13.3 °F) in January to a summer peak of 23 °C (73.4 °F) in July.

Which is colder Moscow or Ottawa?

The temperature in Ottawa fell below every other national capital in the world on Saturday morning — and that doesn’t include the wind chill. … By comparison here are the temperatures in other capital cities that are colder than Ottawa on average: Astana –3 C. Moscow –4 C.

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Is Edmonton colder than Toronto?

Edmonton definitely is colder than Toronto, temperature wise (you’re more likely to get -20 to -30 temps in Edmonton more often than Toronto, but it’s humid in Toronto, so, sometimes -10 in Toronto feels like -20. )

Is Edmonton colder than Winnipeg?

Edmonton and Winnipeg are fairly similar through November, but Winnipeg drops off in December, and then again in January. … Just eye-balling off the chart, during the depths of winter in January and February the highs in Calgary average around 4°C warmer than in Edmonton, and Edmonton is about 6°C warmer than Winnipeg.

Is Regina colder than Edmonton?

Rounding out the top three in most categories is Regina, Saskatchewan. It ranks second for coldest nights and third for both measures of freezing weather.

Coldest Climate.

City High °F High °C
Québec City, Quebec 49 9.2
Edmonton, Alberta 49 9.3
Regina, Saskatchewan 49 9.3

Which Canadian province is least cold?

Vancouver, British Columbia is internationally renowned for its milder climate and stunning beauty. Daily highs during the winter average 7.1°C and the average low is above freezing at 1.3°C. For those that don’t like snow, Vancouver is the perfect place only averaging 35 cm a year.

Is Edmonton colder than Montreal?

While the average high temperatures are close, looking at the coldest days Montreal has recorded since 1995, the highs rarely drop below -20°C while Edmonton has had -25°C and even two daytime highs below -30°C.

Is Alberta the coldest province in Canada?

Nunavut takes the cake as the very coldest place in Canada, on average. Eureka, Nunavut, to be specific, is the coldest with an average yearly temperature of −3.5 °F or -19.7 °C.

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What is the coolest city in Canada?

St John’s, Newfoundland is the major Canadian city with the coolest climate during summer.

Fewest Hot Days.

City Days
Halifax, Nova Scotia 1
Victoria, British Columbia 3
Kingston, Ontario 3
Edmonton, Alberta 3