Is Richard Wagner the Governor General of Canada?

Who is the current Governor General of Canada?

The 30th and current governor general is Mary May Simon, who was sworn in on 26 July 2021.

Governor General of Canada
Incumbent Mary May Simon since 26 July 2021
Government of Canada
Style His/Her Excellency The Right Honourable
Abbreviation GG

What is the role of the governor general of Canada?

The governor general’s responsibilities include carrying out constitutional duties, serving as commander-in-chief, representing Canada at home and abroad, encouraging excellence and bringing Canadians together.

When was Richard Wagner elected?

State representatives first elected in 2006. State House incumbent retired, 2012.

What is a judge’s salary in Canada?

As of April 1, 2021

Supreme Court of Canada
Chief Justice $464,300
Justice $429,900
Federal Courts & Tax Court
Chief Justice and Associate Chief Justice $395,900 + $2,000 (additional allowance for Federal & Tax Court Judges only)

How much does a judge make in Canada per hour?

Judges (NOC 4111) usually earn between $254,518.00/hour and $314,100.00/hour in Canada.

What is the annual salary of a Supreme Court justice?

Supreme Court

Year Chief Justice Associate Justices
2017 $263,300 $251,800
2018 $267,000 $255,300
2019 $270,700 $258,900
2020 $277,700 $265,600
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