Is University of Toronto better than Waterloo?

University of Toronto or U of T, is the top Canadian University which is honored among World’s top 20 Universities. University of Waterloo, however, ranks #8 in Canada and among top 200 in the world.

Is University of Toronto better than Waterloo for computer science?

U of T tops in Canada, among global best in computer science, engineering and technology: Times Higher Education. … In engineering and technology, U of T was joined in the top 100 by UBC (62nd), McGill (71st) and Waterloo (83rd).

Is Waterloo the best University in Canada?

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo falls 10 places to rank joint 173rd in this year’s world rankings, but remains in the top 100 globally for the citations per faculty member indicator. It’s one of the younger universities in Canada, having been established in 1956.

How prestigious is University of Waterloo?

In terms of research reputation, Waterloo has very strong and highly recognized research in the fields of computer science, mathematics, statistics, machine learning, and engineering. It is recognized as top tier in Canada and well respected in the States.

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Is University of Waterloo in Toronto?

The main University of Waterloo campus is in the city of Waterloo, located in southwestern Ontario with easy access to Hamilton, London, and Toronto. Our street address is 200 University Ave. West, Waterloo, Ontario. Located 100 km east of our campus, Toronto’s Pearson International Airport connects you to the world.

Is Waterloo cheaper than Toronto?

Cost of living in Kitchener-Waterloo (Canada) is 18% cheaper than in Toronto (Canada)

What is the acceptance rate for University of Waterloo?

The acceptance rate at the University of Waterloo is 53%, which implies for every 100 applicants, 53 are admitted.

Is Waterloo a bad university?

1. It has a horrible national and global reputation. The Maclean report for 2016 ranked uWaterloo as #1 in Canada for engineering, math and computer science. It was also ranked second for environmental science and psychology.

Does Waterloo rank students?

University of Waterloo Rankings

Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Is Waterloo University hard to get into?

This is one of the biggest questions you might have, and as you probably know, Waterloo attracts top students from around the world. Our entrance averages change slightly every year, but in general, low to mid-90s for some programs, and mid-to high 90s for others means you’re a competitive candidate.

Is Waterloo boring?

As you’ve seen, Waterloo is far from a boring old university town. Waterloo is a city that offers so much to those who are willing to explore. Next time you need a breather or just feeling bored, just remember that Waterloo’s best kept secrets are just a few stations away.

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What’s Waterloo known for?

Waterloo ranks among the world’s top 175 universities in the QS World University Rankings 2021 and top 250 in the Times… As one of Canada’s top innovation universities, the University of Waterloo is home to 100+ programs in business, health, engineering, math, science, the arts, environment, and more.

Is Waterloo safe for girls?

So far from what I’ve seen and experienced, Waterloo is relatively safe – for girls as well. Like any campus, there are always students roaming in and around so crime/assaults are super rare.