Question: Can truck drivers work in Canada from India?

How can I become a truck driver in Canada from India?

If you are thinking of moving to Canada, government policies in the country offer work visas to qualified foreign workers in the trucking industry.

How to Get Started with Your Career as a Trucker?

  1. A valid driving licence and a clean driving record.
  2. A medical screening test by a professional.
  3. A language test certificate.

Is Indian truck driving license valid in Canada?

Yes, the International Driver’s Permit (IDP) is valid in Canada. The IDP is valid for 1 year in most countries and you can renew it. The IDP is a translation of your driver’s licence from another country into many languages. You must have a valid driver’s licence from another country to use an IDP in Canada.

How much Indian truck drivers earn in Canada?

In Canada, truckers have to take rest for 30 mins after every four hours of driving to ensure that the fatigue does not set in. As per the video, a person can earn 66,000 CAD, which translates into about 38 lakh INR by working for 12 hours a day while drivers doing longer hours can work more.

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What are the requirements to be a truck driver in Canada?


  • be at least 18 years old.
  • hold a valid Ontario licence other than G1, G2, M, M1 or M2.
  • pass a vision test.
  • submit a valid medical report.
  • pass a knowledge test about operating large trucks and tractor-trailers.
  • complete a mandatory entry level training course.

Can truck driver get PR in Canada?

To qualify, you must: Be working for an SINP-approved Saskatchewan trucking firm for at least six months on a temporary work permit. The permit must be issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and based on a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Service Canada.

What is truck driver salary in Canada?

The average salary of truck driver in Canada is $49,718 CAD per year (or $25.50 per hour). Entry level positions start at $34,125 CAD per year. Also, in reports we have seen that the shortage of truck drivers in Canada has increased in 2020.

Does Canada need truck drivers?

According to projections from Trucking HR Canada, the country needs to hire about 17,230 new truck drivers per year up until 2025 to keep up with demand.

Is trucking a good career in Canada?

It is an excellent career choice for any newcomer to Canada, and there are many companies looking to hire foreigners and recent immigrants. The Canadian trucking industry is experiencing severe labour shortages and there are plenty of opportunities for work. … A new career in long-haul truck driving could be yours.

Is ielts requirement for truck driver in Canada?

A small number of positions for experienced long haul truck drivers have opened up in Canada. … Salary is yet to be determined, but will be between 21 – 25 Canadian Dollars per hour. The ideal candidate will have a minimum band score of 4.5 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

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How many hours a truck driver can drive in Canada?

Currently, commercial vehicle drivers hours of service regulations in Canada limit drivers to 13-hours of consecutive driving time in a 16-hour work shift and then a minimum of 8 consecutive hours of off duty status.

What is highest paid job in Canada?

Highest paying jobs in Canada

  • Surgeons/doctors. Topping the list, surgeons and doctors earn on average between $236K and $676K per year. …
  • Lawyers. The average salary for a lawyer hovers around $302K (with location and area of practice having a strong influence on income). …
  • Judges. …
  • Chief Marketing Officers (CMO), 5.

How long does it take to become a truck driver in Canada?

– Canada’s future truck drivers will need to complete at least 103.5 hours of training to earn a Class 1/A licence — along with another 8.5 hours of training for an air brake endorsement — under standards that were approved on Friday by transportation and highway safety ministers.