Question: How many Canadian Tire stores are in Ontario?

How many stores does Canadian Tire have in Ontario?

Canadian Tire, a retail company headquartered in Toronto, operated nearly 400 SportChek stores in Canada in 2020.

Number of stores operated by Canadian Tire Corporation in Canada in 2020, by brand.

Characteristic Number of stores
Canadian Tire* 667
SportChek 397
Mark’s 381

How many locations does Canadian Tire have?

Our 1,700 retail locations, financial services, and exemplary e-commerce capabilities help keep Canadians on the move and on top of every season.

Is Canadian Tire all across Canada?

In 1927, they incorporated the business as the Canadian Tire Corporation. Still headquartered in Toronto, the company operates a network of 1,700 stores and gas bars that extends to every province and territory except Nunavut.

How many Canadian Tire stores are there in Canada in 2021?

How many Canadian Tire locations are there in Canada in 2021? There are 567 Canadian Tire locations in Canada as of October 25, 2021. The province with the most number of Canadian Tire locations in Canada is Ontario, with 239 locations, which is 42% of all Canadian Tire locations in Canada.

What companies are owned by Canadian Tire?

Our Banners

  • Canadian Tire. …
  • SportChek. …
  • Mark’s. …
  • Party City. …
  • Helly Hansen. …
  • Canadian Tire Financial Services. …
  • Atmosphere. …
  • Sports Experts.
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What is the American equivalent of Canadian Tire?

Sears is the closest thing to Canadian Tire.

Who owns Canadian Tire now?

Martha Billes, a daughter of one of the company cofounders, is the controlling shareholder, owning a stake of more than 60 percent. Canada Tire was started in 1922 by brothers John W. and Alfred Jackson (A.J.) Billes.

How big is a Canadian Tire store?

Square footage at Canadian Tire’s retail operation will grow 1% per year in the next three years and locations still have an average size of 41,000 square feet.