Quick Answer: Which of the following is an independent agency of Health Canada that reports directly to the Minister of Health?

Which is an international agency that deals with Health Canada on health issues?

The Public Health Agency of Canada is part of the federal health portfolio. Its activities focus on preventing disease and injuries, responding to public health threats, promoting good physical and mental health, and providing information to support informed decision making.

Who reports to Health Canada?

The department is responsible to Parliament through the minister of health – presently Jean-Yves Duclos – as part of the federal health portfolio.

What services does Health Canada provide?

Those who do not qualify for supplementary benefits under government plans pay for these services through: out-of-pocket payments. private health insurance plans.

These services include:

  • vision care.
  • dental care.
  • prescription drugs.
  • ambulance services.
  • independent living (home care)

What are public health authorities?

A “public health authority” is an agency or authority of the United States government, a State, a territory, a political subdivision of a State or territory, or Indian tribe that is responsible for public health matters as part of its official mandate, as well as a person or entity acting under a grant of authority …

Who is involved in public health?

Within the public health organizations and government health agencies, there are hundreds of professionals such as scientists, medical lab workers, biostatisticians, medical researchers, epidemiologists, medical doctors, and more, all working together to help fight the next threat to the nation’s health.

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What is the responsibility of the PHAC?

What is the responsibility of the PHAC? Responsible for public health preventing and controlling chronic diseases.

What is the role of public health agencies?

The areas of public health responsibility include (1) assuring an adequate local public health infrastructure, (2) promoting healthy communities and healthy behaviors, (3) preventing the spread of communicable disease, (4) protecting against environmental health hazards, (5) preparing for and responding to emergencies, …

How do I report to Health Canada?

Contact your healthcare provider if you have any health concerns related to your use of a medical device. Report complaints involving medical devices to Health Canada by calling toll-free at 1-800-267-9675, or by reporting online.