What airport do you fly into for Vancouver Island?

Victoria International Airport is Vancouver Island’s largest airport and is located near Sidney, a 30-minute drive north of downtown Victoria. Airports served by major airlines to other island communities are Campbell River Airport (YBL), Comox Valley Airport (YQQ), Nanaimo Airport (YCD) and Port Hardy Airport (YZT).

Can you fly direct to Vancouver Island?

Where can you get direct flights to Vancouver Island from? You can enjoy direct flights to Vancouver Island from London Gatwick Airport. These flights are serviced several times daily from airlines including Air Transat and WestJet.

What is the best way to get to Vancouver Island?

Flying is by far the quickest as well as the most convenient way to travel to Vancouver Island. There are a number of airline providers available that service Nanaimo Airport, Victoria International Airport, as well as neighboring cities such as Campbell River, Port Hardy and Courtenay/Comox.

How do I get from Vancouver Island to the airport?

The best way to get from Vancouver Airport (YVR) to Vancouver Island without a car is to car ferry and bus which takes 7h 25m and costs $50 – $200.

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What is the airport code for Vancouver Island?

Vancouver International Airport (IATA: YVR, ICAO: CYVR) is a Transport Canada designated international airport located on Sea Island in Richmond, British Columbia.

Vancouver International Airport.

Vancouver International Airport Aéroport international de Vancouver
Opened 1931
Hub for Air Canada Flair Airlines Pacific Coastal Airlines WestJet

What aircraft does BA fly to Vancouver?

BA is currently using the B777-200ER to Vancouver, although the A350-1000 will replace it in 2022.

Can I fly to Vancouver Island from UK?

Vancouver currently has moderate travel restrictions in place for travellers from London. You can travel there, but you may be required to take a COVID-19 test, and you’ll have to quarantine on your arrival and when you return.

What is the closest US airport to Vancouver?

Major airports near Vancouver International Airport

  • The nearest major airport is Vancouver Harbour Water Airport (CXH / CYHC). …
  • Another major airport is Bellingham International Airport (BLI / KBLI), which has domestic flights from Bellingham, Washington and is 77 km from YVR.

Do I need a car on Vancouver Island?

Unless you stay in the city ( Victoria) you will need a car to really enjoy Vancouver Island. Driving here is easy,, and there is so much to see.

Do you need a car to get around Vancouver Island?

The best way to get around Victoria & Vancouver Island is by bike or car. … You can rent a car at the Victoria International Airport (YYJ), located about 16 miles north of the city center. If you’ve rented a car in Vancouver and are planning to use it in Victoria, you can load it onto the ferry.

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What is the best time of year to visit Vancouver Island?

The best times to visit Victoria and Vancouver Island are March to May and September to November. The region sees some of the country’s mildest weather and the driest summers, so while you might experience a light drizzle here and there, plan on comfortable temperatures in the spring and fall.

Does Southwest fly to Vancouver British Columbia?

They include United Airlines, American, Delta, Continental, Northwest, Alaska, US Airways, and Frontier (As of yet, Southwest Airlines and Jet Blue do not fly into Vancouver). Most Popular Routes: There are direct flights to Vancouver Canada from: New York City (5 hrs) Los Angeles (2.5 hrs)

What is the cheapest way to get to Vancouver Island?

The cheapest way to get from Vancouver to Vancouver Island is to ferry and drive which costs $30 – $95 and takes 3h 53m. What is the fastest way to get from Vancouver to Vancouver Island? The quickest way to get from Vancouver to Vancouver Island is to fly which costs $140 – $440 and takes 2h 9m.