What are Canada wide anytime minutes?

What does Unlimited Canada wide anytime minutes mean?

Canada-Wide calling lets you call anywhere in Canada without racking up long distance charges. Heads up! Calls need to originate in Canada. … If you use up all the Anytime Minutes included in your plan, you’ll be charged 50¢/ minute for additional minutes used, but you won’t be charged for long distance. Phew!

What is the difference between unlimited minutes and unlimited Canada Wide minutes?

There is no difference between ‘Unlimited minutes‘ and ‘Unlimited Canada-wide minutes’ – they’re both unlimited Canada-wide minutes!

Does Canada Wide calling include long distance?

Yes, that’s what Canada wide means – if you have a cell plan with “Canada wide” calling, you can call anywhere in Canada, and as long as you have enough calling minutes in your plan, it doesn’t cost you extra to make what are normally referred to as “long distance” calls, like when using a regular landline.

What is Unlimited Canada wide family calling?

Unlimited canada Calling

If you are on a Canada-wide plan, your anytime minutes can be used to call to and from anywhere in Canada without paying long distance rates. You’re covered coast to coast at no additional charge. If you have a Canada-wide plan, then your Family Calling is Canada-wide too.

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What does Canada Wide Calling mean bell?

Province Wide Unlimited

Talk a lot without spending too much. For a fixed monthly rate, you can call those close to you anywhere in the province without having to keep track of your minutes. Get unlimited minutes of long distance calling within the province 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 1.

Is koodo Data Canada wide?

Koodo plans run on Canada’s coast-to-coast 4G network covering 99% of Canada’s population, stretching your coverage from east to west and north to south.

What is Fido Canada Wide calling?

Canada-wide calling means that those minutes already include Canadian long-distance. On the other hand, with plans which only include local (or Provincial) calling, Canadian long-distance would be additional for calls outside of their local calling areas.

Do incoming calls use minutes Koodo?

An incoming call is a call received on your Koodo phone. Your incoming local calling area is the geographic boundary associated with your phone numbers.

Koodo Long Distance.

Calls within Canada Airtime 50¢/minute (+ airtime) if you exceed the minutes included in your plan.
Calls in the US (long distance) $1.50/minute

Is Rogers Canada wide?

Re: Unlimited Canada Wide Calling

Yes. you can call at any time of the day. From any location in canada. Any not have any long distance fees.

Does Canada Wide Calling include Quebec?

Best Answer. BC, like in your example, is not included in Quebec coverage: If you selected the Quebec coverage in your plan, consider buying a Travel Add-on or an International call Add-on to make your calls to Canada or the United States. In a sense, it does affect roaming as well as your call destinations.

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Is Rogers Data Plan Canada wide?

The Canada+US Rogers InfiniteTM plan lets you use your plan’s talk, text and data in the US, just like you do at home, without any roaming fees. Now you can stay connected, worry-free, across both Canada and the US with a single plan.