What are the human activities in the Canadian Shield?

What are the main effects of humans on the environment in the Canadian Shield?

Pollution in the Great Lakes, Deforestation of forests, and over mining of its minerals are three of the biggest problems with the environment in Canada.

What are fun things to do in the Canadian Shield?

You can fish, camp, hike, hunt, swim, water ski, canoe, boat, horseback ride, cycle, go on nature walks, etc!. The Canadian Shield like the other physical regions offers Canadians more and more resources for ourselves, our developing economy and for future trade links with people all around the world.

What are 4 natural resources in the Canadian Shield?

North of this region, the Superior Province is one of Canada’s most important sources of metals, including deposits of copper, gold, iron and silver. The Bear province includes deposits of copper and uranium, while the Slave province is being explored and mined for diamonds.

Why is Canada’s 90 logging activity?

Why is 90% of logging activity in Canada considered “unsustainable“? Logging in Canada is often done in such a way that the forests cannot survive. … This can be especially harmful in Canada because so many of the trees are very slow-growing.

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What are some physical features of the Canadian Shield?

The physical features of the Canadian Shield includes rocks , bares and plateaus . The Canadian Shield has uplands which are high or hilly areas, and there are also a lot of rivers , lakes , streams and wetlands.

How do humans use St Lawrence Lowlands?

The St. Lawrence lowlands mine iron-ore, zinc, coal, silver, copper and lead. They retrieve the minerals by drilling into the rocks and using machinery. Many jobs are directly and indirectly linked to mining.

What are some tourist attractions in the interior plains?

Some tourist attractions are The Calgary Stampede, West Edmonton Mall, The Calgary Tower, fairs to learn about the agriculture, the sights and sounds of Vancouver, and the National Parks such as Banff and Jasper.