What does Tdot mean in Toronto?

What does Tdot mean?


Acronym Definition
TDOT Tennessee Department of Transportation
TDOT Tucson Department of Transportation
TDOT Texas Department of Transportation
TDOT Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament (religion)

Is Toronto called Tdot?

T.O. is a short form of Toronto, Ontario, and is often shortened further to T-dot. … THE 416 refers to the original telephone area code for Toronto. 8. THE 6: Toronto rapper Drake’s latest album is titled Views From The 6, believed to be a salute to his hometown’s more popular area codes, 416 and 647.

Why is Toronto known as the Tdot?

Use of T.O., TO, or T Dot seems to originate from a desire to shorten the name of the city. It’s either short for “TOronto” or “Toronto, Ontario,” depending on who you ask.

What do you call a person from Toronto?

A person from Toronto is known as a Torontonian, but there are some other other places that I wonder what their citizens are known as.

What are nicknames for Canada?

Although it is unknown who coined the term Great White North in reference to Canada, the nickname has been in use for many decades. The general breakdown is that Canada is “Great” because it’s the second largest country in the world.

What is Toronto’s semi official nickname?

Hogtown is a popular nickname for Toronto. The origin of the nickname lies in the hog-processing industry located there in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A native or resident of Ontario’s capital city is called a Torontonian.

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How do you abbreviate Ontario?

It has the following abbreviations:

  1. ON – Postal abbreviation for Ontario.
  2. Ont. – English abbreviation for Ontario.
  3. Ont. – French abbreviation for Ontario.