What is a 1983 Canadian nickel worth?

What is a 1983 Canadian nickel made of?

Types and specifications

Definitive types
Years Mass Composition
1953–1964 4.54 g Chrome plated steel (1953–1954) 99.9% nickel (1955–1964)
1965–1981 4.54 g 99.9% nickel
1982–1989 4.6 g 75% copper, 25% nickel

What Canadian nickels are worth saving?

1951 “High Relief” Nickel

The 1951 “high relief” nickels were struck by mistake and feature an “A” in “DEI GRATIA” that points directly to one of the rim denticles. Depending on their condition, they can be worth several thousand dollars, according to MRTWAF.

What year Canadian nickels are valuable?

Top 10 rare Canadian nickels include the 1926 far 6, 1947 dot, 1951 high relief, 1953 Shoulder Fold (SF) Far Maple Leaf, the 1925 and 1965 large beads.

What year are Canadian coins silver?

1965 and 1966 as well as 1967 dollars and half dollars contain 80% silver. 1967 quarters and dimes are evaluated as an average of 65% silver. Non-magnetic 1968 quarters and dimes contain 50% silver (any magnetic 1968 coins have no silver).

Who owns Canadian nickel?

Mark Selby — Chairman and CEO

Mark was formally President & CEO of RNC Minerals (Royal Nickel Corporation) where he led a team that successfully raised over $100 million and advanced the Dumont nickel-cobalt project from initial resource to a fully permitted, construction-ready project.

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What years of nickels are worth money?

The Top 10 Most Valuable Nickels

Type Year Estimated Value
1. Liberty Head V Nickel 1913 $3,737,500
2. 7-D Buffalo Nickel 1918 $350,750
3. S Buffalo Nickel 1926 $322,000
4. Buffalo Nickel 1916 $281,750

What does DG Regina mean on Canadian coins?

Dei Gratia Regina (often abbreviated to D. G. Regina or D. G. Reg, and seen on coins as D·G·REGINA or D·G·REG) is a Latin title meaning By the Grace of God, Queen. The male equivalent is Dei Gratia Rex meaning By the Grace of God, King.