What is a good salary for a family in Vancouver?

What is a good salary in Vancouver for a family of 4?

The average salary in Vancouver is about 75,000 CAD (56,000 USD) per year. To put it in perspective, the monthly cost of living in Vancouver for a single person is estimated at around 1,180 CAD (885 USD), while the average for a family of four comes to about 4,350 CAD (3,250 USD).

What is a livable salary in Vancouver?

A Living Wage is the hourly rate required for two working parents to meet the basic needs of a family of four. … Currently, the minimum wage in BC is $14.60/hour and the living wage for Metro Vancouver is $19.50/hour.

What is considered high salary in Vancouver?

The average salary in Vancouver is about C$64,000. To be considered rich and live comfortably in this part of Canada, you’d need to earn well over this amount. A salary close to or above C$80,000 to C$100,000 per year would likely allow you to live quite well.

What is a good salary for a family in Canada?

The average family salary in Canada is $35,912 per year or $18.42 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $27,125 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $128,353 per year.

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Is 70000 a good salary in Vancouver?

Is 70k per year a good salary in Vancouver? 70 k is an acceptable salary in Vancouver, and you can live a comfortable life. This salary will cover your education, rent, grocery, transportation, and health care costs.

Is Vancouver a good place to raise a family?

Vancouver is a family-friendly city with endless outdoor activities and urban programs to create lasting memories with your kids. These neighbourhoods have the real estate for families of any size and the communities to support them as they grow.

How much do I need to earn to buy a house in Vancouver?

411 months of savings with a savings rate of 10 per cent of income for a required down payment of 20 per cent. The mortgage payment is 84.7% of the average income. An annual income of $252,877 is required to afford a home in Vancouver.

What is the average income in Vancouver?

Reference Period

Average Household Income Before Taxes Median Household Income Before Taxes
Vancouver 96,423 72,585
Ambleside 76,706 45,272
Anmore/Belcarra/Metro Vancouver North 188,275 134,308
Capital Hill/Brentwood 91,212 71,829

What is the average household income in BC?

Median total family income in British Columbia from 2000 to 2019 (in Canadian dollars)

Characteristic Income in Canadian dollars
2019 90,000
2018 87,600
2017 84,850
2016 81,370