What is the 1962 Canadian nickel made of?

Is a 1962 Canadian quarter silver?

The quarter is a Canadian coin, valued at 25 cents or one-fourth of a Canadian dollar. It is a small, circular coin of silver colour.


Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.8000
Weight (g): 5.8319g
Weight (Oz): 0.19 Oz
Net Content: 0.15 Oz (4.67g)

How much is a 1962 nickel worth today?

CoinTrackers.com has estimated the 1962 Jefferson Nickel value at an average of 5 cents, one in certified mint state (MS+) could be worth $15.

Are there any valuable Canadian nickels?

But even still, it’s cool to know there are Canadian nickels out there worth as much as $10,000. This coin is worth so much because it is so rare. … The “6” in 1926 is farther away from the maple leaf on the face of the coin (the less rare versions show the 6 nearly touching the maple leaf).

How can you tell if a Canadian coin is silver?

(The easiest way to tell them apart is to test with a magnet. Canadian coins with silver content are never magnetic, so if a 1968 quarter jumps on the magnet you know it is not silver).

What is the melt value of a Canadian nickel?

Canada Coin Melt Values

Coin Description Face Value Metal Value (USD)
1982 – 1996 Cent ** $0.01 $0.0242040
1997 – 1999 Cent $0.01 $0.0079347
1955 – 1981 Nickel $0.05 $0.0880554
1982 – 1999 Nickel $0.05 $0.0561394
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